Brought to you by the letter G

This month we’ve been seeding veggies and watching tiny plants pop up through the soil. It’s hard to believe that these little guys will feed both our CSA and market customers, but if we do it right they’ll feed us too!

Baby Kale about 5 days old. That same Baby Kale now 15 days old.
Baby Eggplant! 7 days old. Baby Chard 5 days old.


You may remember our post about planting Garlic way back in October. What started as an ordinary clove has now grown into a 5 in stalk. Some of the garlic we planted is hard-neck Spanish Red, known for strong flavor and large cloves. Some of the garlic is Russian Red, a soft-neck variety brought to our farm from the Ukraine many years ago. Soft-neck varieties are known for being easy to peel and for storage length.

All told, there are about 500 of these little guys are growing strong right next to the barn. I thought we lost an entire row due to the construction of our new greenhouse, but Margaret reminded me that we only planted three rows… not four.