Winter Market!

It’s sad to see the last Farmers’ Market of the season come and go. The Clark Fork River Market has been good to us this year, and we thank you if you made it down to the Higgins bridge this summer.

When Margaret and I first moved to Missoula (not so long ago), the one thing we felt truly lacking was a winter market. A place for cheese, meats, storage produce, fruits, and baked goods after the October outdoor market deadline. And it seems that Missoula may have found that place, at least for now.

The Heirloom Project Winter Market is open every Saturday this winter from 10-12 in the Ceretana Grainery building at 801 Sherwood St. The space is very cozy, but enough for 6-10 vendors.

Market started last week, and turn out was alright. This week turn out was awesome – thanks to this article in the Independent – and we’re hoping for the same in the coming months.

We have some veggie items to sell including red onions, winter squash, pumpkins, canning tomatoes, and peppers. If you’re interested in any of the above items but can’t make it to market, let us know! They won’t be around for much longer.

As a separate venture, I’ve started selling baked goods from our stand. I learned to bake in Tivoli, NY with Mikee Gonnella at Tivoli Bread and Baking. The most rebus obsessed, incredibly talented, mentor, friend, and baker. This is the guy you want to share a kitchen with at 3am.

For all my baked goods, I use as local and organic ingredients as quality will allow (local flour, organic/unprocessed sugar, our own eggs, etc). Today I sold out of everything: challah, lemon poundcake, sticky buns, and brioche. There will be more of all of those things next week.

Also at the Winter Market you can find Old World Bakery wares, Paula Jean’s Garden, multiple veggie stands, Wustner Brothers Honey, Uncle Bill’s sausages, Charlie’s mushrooms, and of course the Heirloom Project.

So if you have a few minutes between 10 and 12 on Saturday, stop in.