June Pictures: peas, strawberries, radishes, and honey!

Peas! Despite some rodent damage, they’re flowering and already bearing beautiful little legumes.

… lots of peas.

Remember those onions you planted, members? They’re getting bigger… and bigger.

Potatoes, hilled and weeded. No sign of the dreaded beetle yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Eventually we’ll have to go on potato beetle patrol, picking them off the plants by hand.

Asparagus, growing tall and gaining strength for next year’s crop.

Strawberries are not far away, folks. Give them a week and we’ll all be eating strawberry shortcake.

Margaret harvesting radishes for Farm Shares. For the first time, we have radishes and turnips without root damage thanks to a tip from our buddies at Harlequin Produce: cover those puppies 24/7.


Farm Share pick up week two. The recipe was for a rhubarb custard pie, called “calfouti”… it’s worth a try no doubt.

Big beautiful (baby) beets. Yum.

Garlic scapes are the flower of the garlic plant. If allowed to bloom, it breaks into many little bulbs (bublis) that can be planted to form a full head of garlic. In our case, we snap them off before they flower and saute them for a delicious snack. We don’t have bublis to plant, but the garlic head will grow bigger when it doesn’t direct its energy to its flower.

Head lettuce and some herbs at share pick up. The butterhead turned out really gorgeous this spring.

Longest beet root EVER!!!

Honey! We stole a little honey from our hive in Missoula before we moved it to another location. It meant not carrying 40lbs of liquid gold in the box. Instead we’re eating it with chevre and bread.

We’ve about reached the end of our spinach season, as the days get warmer. We are letting one bed go to seed so we can save it for next year.

The last of the spinach, harvested for the Western MT Growers Coop and for our Farm Shares.