I strongly believe in sharing information between farmers, beginning and experienced, and have been on each end of that relationship. I can’t value enough the farmers who have been willing to share their knowledge with me. So in an effort to continue that cycle and value my gained knowledge and information at the same time, I do some consulting for farmers or farmer-dreamers. If you’d like in depth information about how we do what we do and the tools we use to help us do it, I’m available to go over a variety of subjects, including:

– Crop Planning
– Record keeping
– Small business / Self-employment financial management
– Excel spreadsheets
– Quickbooks
– Employee paperwork & legal hiring
– GAP certification
– Small tools / equipment (BCS and attachments, Greens Harvester)
– Soil Test analysis
– Value added products and branding
– Grants (specifically NRCS and GTA) and KIVA loans

I offer one free brief consultation (whether that’s an email or phone call). Beyond that, I charge an hourly consult fee $30-$40 per hour depending on arrangement and subjects you’re interested in going over. Minimum of $30 for partial hour consult.

Feel free to contact me anytime via the “contact” page on this website or send an email to No surprise, I’m most available November through March.

For more mentors & consults, visit CFAC’s Farm Link website and click on the “Mentor” page for more information and the “Listings” link in the top left corner for a map of mentors (look for green icons).