Land Acknowledgement and Reparations

We are on stolen land.

County Rail Farm and Field Five Flowers are located just west of Missoula Montana on the traditional lands of the Bitterroot Salish (Séliš), Pend d’Oreille (Ql̓ispé), Nez Perce (Nimíipuu), Coeur d’Alene (Schi̲tsu’umsh), and Kootenai (Ktunʌ́χɑ̝) peoples. Many other indigenous peoples also passed through and cared for this space as it was often a corridor to and from lands and communities.

What That Means

Stolen Land

This land, this country, was unfairly and brutally stolen from the peoples who nurtured and cultivated it for centuries before us. We recognize them and many BIPOC ancestors for their work, practices, care, patience, and knowledge. And we owe reparations for the atrocities our white ancestors have committed.

How We’re Giving

We donate a portion of our Farm Share sales as well as portions of our market sales to local indigenous run organizations and local BIPOC mutual aid funds (see the numbers below)

More than words

The acknowledgement of this land and our history is step one. And the work is lifelong. We are committing time and resources as well as our words to local Indigenous communities and other BIPOC organizations.


If you are involved in an Indigenous, Black, or POC-led project or organization that works with food access, security, and sovereignty, please reach out! We want to hear from you and support what you’re doing. Montana-based projects preferred.

What We’re Doing

County Rail follows tribal and community leaders in our local area to support food security projects as much as possible. This means some surplus food donation but, more importantly, creating sustainable working relationships with tribal food security & food access organizations. (see the numbers below)

Personal Anti-Colonialism Work

We are constantly processing our own privilege and white settler mentality. We, personally and nationally, have benefited from the brutal history of this nation. The emotional work to untangle the resulting knots and habits is ongoing. Please get in touch if you see something on these pages or our other social media that you feel needs to be addressed.

2020 Numbers

$1,120 funds distributed (to date 11-26-2020)

$400 to MMIW (national) through our Farm Share program

$200 to When They Were Here, a Montana produced, Indigenous-led and directed documentary on the MMIW crisis

$320 to Montana BIPOC Mutual Aid Fund

$70 to BLM Missoula

$200 to various farm / land funds and organizations from BIPOC farmers across the country. Including: Kiley Clark’s Black-led Regenerative Farm Fund, Amber Tamm’s Future Farm Fund, Handewa Farms, Soul Fire Farm, and others.

$9,057 food sold/distributed specifically to and through local food security programs (to date 11-26-20)

$890 produce sales to the Flathead Rez Community Action (FRCA) food distribution projects

$300 donations to the Missoula Food Bank / FRCA

$7,867 salad mix and cherry tomatoes sold for “Farmers to Families” food boxes through the Western Montana Growers Coop. Food boxes go to families in need through LCCDC in Ronan, FRCA food distribution, and other food security organizations and hubs in Western Montana.