Compostable Packaging!

We are super excited to have new compostable containers for our arugula and lettuce mix. The new packaging is made from plant based materials and can be composted at home! They will take 12-24 months to completely break down, likely longer than everything else in your pile, so think about bringing them to a commercial composting facility like Eko Compost here in Missoula. We’re psyched to be offering reusable AND compostable packaging for our greens. You may notice a price increase in our products at your local grocery or at market and this is why. BUT we believe that these new containers will keep our produce fresher for longer and less damaged on their way to your fridge in addition to reducing our reliance on plastic products.

Our containers are made by World Centric, who donate at least 25% of their profits to charity and invest in grassroots projects that offset all the carbon emitted by the energy we consumed in their operations. Pretty cool, we think. And, cherry on top, they’re distributed by EcoMontana, a local Bozeman company dedicated to sustainable packaging.

There’s tons of information about compostable containers on the World Centric website (ours are the Compostable PLA deli containers, check out that link for info specifically about them), and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please get in touch!