Work With Us!


We are done hiring for the 2018 season!

Thanks for your interest – if you’re interested in other farms in our area, visit Farm Link Montana and come visit if you wind up out here!

Come join our team for summer 2018! We’re looking for two rad individuals to work with us for the season. If you like what you see above and read below, please apply via CFAC’s Farm Link website. If you have any trouble with that, send us a direct email and we’ll send you the application. We like to hire by Jan 1, so don’t dally if you’re thinking about it.

START: April 1, 2018 or May 1, 2018
END: October 30, 2018

County Rail Farm is a small diverse Organic farm located in Western Montana, just west of Missoula. My name is Tracy Potter-Fins, I am a young queer headed toward my eighth season as farmer/business owner. My partner Margaret is also involved with the farm but mostly runs her own clothing company. Some of our main crops include salad greens, arugula, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and english cucumbers. We welcome a variety of friends, visitors, and volunteers to the farm every summer, and enjoy the energy and excitement that they bring to our lives. Our summer employees are an incredibly important part of our operation. You not only plant, seed, weed, grow, eat, and sell with us, you also help us welcome the community to the farm throughout the season, during our Spring Planting Party, Four-Course Farm Dinner, and Fall Harvest Party. We grow for two Missoula Farmers Markets and sell wholesale through the Western Montana Growers Coop. We are an easy 20min drive from Missoula proper, close to hiking and fishing spots, and a short walk from swimming spots along the Clark Fork River. It is the perfect location to enjoy two-stepping, karaoke, and fine dining in Missoula, and an afternoon of fishing or hiking in the back-country.

We seek to provide an internship experience that is demanding without being grueling or monotonous. We expect 40 hours of work each week; Monday to Friday approximately 8am-5pm and alternating Saturdays. You will be working with Tracy, each other, and occasionally alone. While I (Tracy) often work more, I do not expect you to do the same. For example, when you work Saturday market you get the Friday before off. I may occasionally ask for emergency help in the evening and early morning (e.g. during frost warnings). Your responsibilities will vary through the season and work requires physical labor, repetitive movements, and the ability to take direction. You will be working with other employees and volunteers throughout the season. While you are not responsible for them, I do ask you to help us direct and supervise other labor on the farm. You will be in charge of the Tuesday afternoon market in Missoula, which runs mid-July thru late September. On Tuesday market days your hours are from 12pm to 8:30pm. During the season we will work together to ensure everyone gets at least one 3 day weekend/vacation. We believe in hard work, having time to play, and taking care of ourselves and each other.

As our interns, you gain first hand experience and detailed knowledge about how a small scale operation like ours functions. You will be part of each stage of the growing and selling process and privy to many conversations about how we do what we do. We are happy to share what we knowledge we have about plants, animals, insects, tractors, trucks, and business plans and we set aside some time each week for “Learning Day” when we focus on topics that you are specifically interested in. That said, we are always learning ourselves and you may find yourself learning with us as well as from us. We belong to Montana Homegrown, a group of growers committed to community and sustainability in Western Montana, and you will have opportunities to visit member farms & participate in available workshops through Homegrown and CFAC (Community Food and Ag Coalition, based in Missoula).

While preferred, applicants do not need to have previous farming experience. Applicants must have a positive attitude, drive to learn and achieve, ability to work hard and sometimes long hours, and independence (there will be times when you work alone). The summer is hot and our season is shortened by cold weather, so be prepared for work in all weather conditions. We will give preference to individuals who are interested in pursuing farming/agriculture as a career.

We eat lunch together every work day and encourage you to prepare a meal or two each week. Breakfast and dinner are your responsibility, though we will provide the farm fresh goods and store bought staples.

In addition to room and board, we pay $220/wk to start. As you gain experience, usually after the first two months, pay goes up and we give an end of season bonus to those who complete the season. When possible, that bonus reflects how the farm did that year (the better we do, the more you get). Compensation is legal and the above amounts reflect gross pay before taxes.

Employees each have a private wall tent away from the house and have use of the lower level of our home which is a small apartment complete with full bathroom, small kitchen, and internet access. It has a separate entrance through the garage.

Thanks for reading and considering work with us – be in touch if you have questions!