Chick-Ins… not for the faint of heart.

One of our hens at the farm is broody. That means she has decided it’s time to hatch chicks and she sacrifices her life of pecking and squawking to sit in the laying box on a bunch of eggs until they hatch (about 21 days). This particular hen, I’m told, has a history of getting broody but not broody enough to stay on her eggs for the required amount of time. I had not heard that story until yesterday, however. So when I took the eggs from the hen house on Saturday, I didn’t think twice about the six eggs sitting in the box. Taking them inside, I began to make my special waffle recipe for my parents who were visiting from Idaho. I cracked open one and separated it without thinking about it… then this.

It’s what I get for not paying attention to which box the broody hen had been sitting in. I took a flashlight and lit each of the remaining six eggs from behind. They were either bright and glowing or partially opaque. The opaque ones I marked and put back under the broody hen within 30 minutes of taking them out of the box.

Later that day, I moved the eggs to the original box I had taken them from. Tonight, Ms. Broody Hen is still sitting on them diligently.

From now until she stops sitting, I just might check every egg with a flashlight before I break it into my waffles… as much as I was amazed by this little guy and more generally by the incredible (edible) egg, I’m not interested in repeating the experience.