Planting Party!

Sunday we had 15 people (that’s including two sets of children!) out to the farm for a work day. It was sunny, warm, and summery… if it weren’t for the gusts of wind every 20 minutes the weather would have been perfect for the farm party. We planted all of our onions (see below!) and all of the potatoes. We even weeded a good chunk of the asparagus patch, which very badly needed it. The kids were instrumental in getting the work done, and we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun without them! I wish we had more pictures of the process, but we got distracted visiting with our members and enjoying their company! Thanks to everyone who came up this weekend – we had such a great time even with the wind! If you couldn’t make it, we’ll have other work parties. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I’m already thinking about the next one. About a month from now? Who’s in?! We’re always down to have you come to the farm and help us out – there are always weeds to pull and often more exciting things happening. Don’t be shy!

Tirza, Yvonne, and Dave in the asparagus! You’re troopers – thank you! Andy and Amanda planted all of the potatoes single handedly (dual-handedly?)… you two rock!
Morgan, Andy, Beth, and Amanda. Thanks to Morgan and Beth we had not only delicious brownies but a lesson on chicken breeds! Morgan says our broody hen is really close… chicks coming soon!!