Washing Station

Thank you Ann Hart for our new washing machine! It really makes all the difference.

Our new setup in the warehouse. (The three sinks and scale were already in place).

After harvest, greens (in this case saute mix) are dumped into the first of the three sinks for an initial rinse.

All of our greens are rinsed three times through all three sinks before ending up here, in lingerie bags.

In bags, greens get spun in the washing machine (cleaned thoroughly and used only for greens).

Many small scale and even large scale farms use washing machines to spin dry their greens. The machine is powered but not hooked up to the water line. That way, even if we accidentally start it on the wash cycle, we won’t have soapy salad mix.

The greens (arugula here) are sorted into bags by weight for farmers market, wholesale, and our Farm Shares.

Packed into 3lb bags, we sell arugula to WMGC (Western Montana Growers Co-Op) in cases like this.