A Letter From Margaret

Dear Friends,

The kale is in the ground!  Somehow I feel as if transplanting outside should be in national headlines.  Newsflash:  Food, Now Safe to Grow Outside! Well maybe there are more important things happening in the world, but I just wanted to let you know about a few happening in ours.

On Sunday, April 27th we’ll have our annual Onion and Potato Planting Party, starting at 3pm, and followed by a potluck and campfire. The following Saturday is kick-off day for the Clark Fork Market!  For weeks I’ve been whispering the date May 3rd into the ear of my asparagus patch, and now it’s your turn.  Hopefully you’ll both be there.

A few things will be changing this year at the Market.  For example, in order to increase our spot size we are moving a short way down from our usual space.  We will be three tents to the east this year.  Tracy also built some amazing market shelves, which we’ll be debuting.  Finally, in October the Market will open at 9am instead of 8am, so that we can all get a little more sleep!

We hope you’ll join us in a few weeks to plant some leeks!

Margaret (and Tracy)

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