Divorce Party 2019

August 18 2019
Tracy & Margaret’s Divorce Party
All photos by Bess Bird (<3)

The ceremonies and beauty surrounding weddings (our wedding!) are all about community ratifying and supporting a union and two people’s lives together. However, there aren’t traditional ceremonies or closure for divorcing couples. We hear about break ups in whispers and grimaces over coffee, without reverence to that union and without visible and physical community. So in light of that void, we wanted to close our union with a ceremony, on our 6th anniversary of marriage. To laugh and cry with our community, to thank them for their support over the years, to hold their blessing for the years going forward.

This ceremony gave us and our community a chance to witness our relationship, to appreciate one another, the growth we’ve experienced, and truly honor its ending. Our divorce did mark not the end of our time together, but rather new phase – as ex’s, as family, and as friends. Margaret and I spent ten years growing together and building spaces in our lives with the people in these photos and many who couldn’t make it. It was an absolute blessing to spend an evening honoring that time and our love.

Enjoy these photos, mostly in order, of our divorce party. Including: hor d’oeuvres in backyard, DIY boutonnieres at flower station, Divorce Ceremony, land acknowledgement, friend vows (to our community and friends, and from our community and friends to us), Tracy and Margaret’s vows to each other, dinner, Live Music! Dancing! and finally, Roe DJs the best divorce playlist ever heard.

Read all of our vows here
Video of our vows (thanks Dad)

Thanks for witnessing <3