*** 2022 Important Information ***

Vegetable & Flower Availability:
After ten years of growing a large variety of vegetables, we have cut back on some crops that no longer make sense for our physical and mental health and that of our staff! These include vegetables that take more time and energy than we can give to them at our scale. The food side of the farm will be focusing on producing the highest quality garden starts, tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, and salad greens (including arugula, of course).  We will be growing other vegetables on a smaller scale and may occasionally have them available at our farm stand here in Huson – they will mostly feed us and our staff.

Flowers will be plentiful! Bouquets and by the stem, when available, will be available to purchase with Farm Share credit at the farm stand and at our market booth at the Clark Fork Market in Missoula.

We will be growing a variety of Market Starts
again this year! We’re narrowing down what we’ll offer and will have something up online in the next month or two. Use your share credit to purchase plants for your garden!

2021 Reparations:
We feel strongly about supporting the Indigenous community in Montana and will be sending funds (with your help!) to an Indigenous led organization that focuses on local tribal rights, land access, or food security. More info below!

We are sold out for the season. Thank you for your support!


Farm Share Information:

You can enjoy County Rail Farm’s certified organic produce and blooms by becoming a Farm Share member. Members pay for vegetables, fruits, plants, and flowers in advance during the winter months to support the farm’s early season activities (like buying seed and paying employees) and use their credit at farmers market, our farm stand, and/or for events throughout the season. We use a credit based Farm Share system rather than weekly pre filled boxes for a reason: see below for more information!

Our Farm Share program is based on a positive relationship between farmers and their community that keeps agricultural land and our bodies healthy and sustainable. Community members support the farm by purchasing a Farm Share before the growing season begins. In return, the farmer takes care of the land while growing quality, local, and healthy veggies and blooms.

2021 Farm Shares come in $100, $200, $300, and $400 paid in full early in the year. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shares for the totals you want ($500 or $600, etc). Then, when market starts, members have that amount of credit at our market stand plus an additional 10% when paid by March 1st. So, if you chose the $300 option and you get it in now, you’d have $330 to spend at market throughout the year with us. The earlier you get your Farm Share, the more cash you have at market (get a $300 share before March and you’ll have $330 credit, between March 1st and May 1st, you’d have $315 credit).

Returning Share Members get 15% extra credit to spend or donate if paid before March 1st.

We run our farm on the traditional lands of the Bitterroot Salish (Séliš), Pend d’Oreille (Ql̓ispé), Nez Perce (Nimíipuu), Coeur d’Alene (Schi̲tsu’umsh), and Kootenai (Ktunʌ́χɑ̝) peoples and we acknowledge and honor with gratitude the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. Thanks to our members, we were able to donate $600 to the People’s Food Soverigenty Program as part of our community reparations in 2021. We’ll do the same this year and you’ll see an option on the membership form to donate your “extra credit” to an Indigenous led organization that focuses on local tribal rights, land access, or food security. In other words, if you buy a $100 share in February, we’ll donate your extra $10 rather than add it to your share credit.

As always, we carry over credit from last year into the current season – if you didn’t spend all the credit you purchased in 2021, we’ll keep your share in the books for another full year. Please shoot us an email if you’re unsure of your balance, or find it here with your card number!

From May through October, we’ll be at the Clark Fork Market every Saturday, under the Higgins Bridge from 8am-1pm (9am-1pm in October). And from June through September at the Frenchtown Farmers market every Wednesday from 5-730pm in the Old Bull Brewing parking lot. Remember that some items do sell out by the end of market, so come early to get your favorites. Farm Share credit can be used for anything at our market booth or farm stand and any events that we host (members also get first option for tickets to our Farm Dinners and other events).

Fill out our Membership Form today and we’ll see you at market!


Why a credit based Farm Share?
On your end, you get to pick out the stuff you want in the amounts you want and use your credit for anything our farm offers. If you’re going out of town or want to take a week off, no sweat. If you’re having visitors and need lots of veggies or a couple fresh bouquets, you can stock up. And you still get to support the farm and know your farmers up close and personal. On our end, we don’t have to worry about planting exactly the right number of corn or peppers to make the share quota, we don’t lose produce from forgotten pick-ups, we still get some early income, and we maintain a close relationship with you, our customers and your families.

We’re dedicated to providing low-income families with the best produce we can offer. Our Farmers Markets take EBT and have double-SNAP programs, so you get up to $20 match from our market when you swipe your card at their booth (swipe for $20, get $40 in SNAP market tokens!).
Click here for more information about Double SNAP from CFAC!

Work Shares:
Simple and easy. If you come up and work for a day, you go home with veggies and or flowers. No counting days, no hour quota to fill. We’ll make it worth the drive. This is open to anyone who wants to come up and help out, Share member or not.


Looking forward to our TWELFTH season (how funny is the word “twelfth”?! It’s nuts)! Join us for the summer and enjoy fresh, local produce and blooms that come from people you know and trust.

County Rail Farm is more than just a provider. We strive to establish relationships with our members. We have planting and harvest days when you can come to the farm and help us out (the whole family and friends are always welcome!), and we welcome you to come visit anytime… We believe that maintaining a close relationship with our food and flowers changes the way we eat and the way we interact with agriculture and our community. We want to be a positive force in the local food and floral system, one that nourishes both bodies and communities.

We love hearing from you. Let us know what you think!