Build A Farm! County Rail’s Kiva Loan

We settled into our new home and, unlike most winters when we relax and recuperate, we have been hard at work getting the new farm ready to rock and roll. Perhaps the best holiday gift we received was approval for a Growth Through Agriculture Grant for $40,000! This money will help buy tools, build a hoop house for tomatoes, deer fence, cooler, and wash stations (among other things). On the downside this grant is reimbursement based, which means we need cash now to pay for all of those projects before the grant kicks in. So, with the help of Kiva, CFAC in Missoula, and YOU we have secured a $10,000 crowd-funded loan!

How does it work?  Kiva is a non-profit that allows ordinary people (like you) to lend money at zero interest to farmers and entrepreneurs all over the world. They are a part of the amazing micro-lending and direct-lending movement that has empowered so many rural folks without access to traditional lending. Their motto is Lend. Get repaid. Repeat.
How can you help?  Our loan is already funded (THANK YOU!) but you can keep up with our progress on our Kiva site ( or on Facebook and Instagram.  We strongly encourage you to lend to other farmers – in your area or around the world. Kiva is an incredible program and we are very excited to be part of it.
Be well and stay warm,
Margaret & Tracy