Harvest Party 2013

Many of you know that Margaret and I got married in August, and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to host another full blown party at the farm in September. Instead, we invited anyone and everyone, but held off on excessive planning (no band, primarily). Despite our lagging, we had a fine turnout and an excellent time: campfire, lots of edamame picking, and lemon cucumber baseball! The photos below come from Noah Jackson of Forest Voices and Merrill Bradshaw of Merrill Bradshaw Carpentry, thank you both for taking photos when neither of us remembered to do so!

Harvest Party Pics from Cassie James

We didn’t get many pictures of the work portion of our party, but Cassie did… Thanks for sending these over, Cassie! They’re awesome.

Work Crew!

Harvesting Potatoes.

Tracy with a bucket of dry beans.

Dry bean pickin’. Instead of cutting off the entire plant, we decided to use our massive help crew to pick dry bean pods individually. It made sorting the beans from the chaff just that much easier.

Shelby listening to the band.

Picking edamamae! This would have taken us a full day if we didn’t have all of this help. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Coda helped with the potatoes by digging. DIG DIG DIG DIG DIG.

Harvest Party 2012 Photo Shoot!

We had an awesome time on Sunday! Thanks to everyone who came and worked, came and ate, came and danced. An enormous thank you to Caroline, Brian, and Jeff for their tunes – y’all made the night!

Sophie in her party wear.

Mmmm potluck. Thanks for amazing food, y’all!

Steve at the cider press, and Dylan showing the kiddos where he hiked St. Mary’s peak.

Shelby, Kiatlin, Achillea, and Tracy eatin’ the good stuff.

Emma and Margaret

Tracy and Margaret (photo credit: Shelby)

The South Paw Band! Brian, Jeff, and Caroline.

Rotten tomatoes for the tossin’

Adelle at the tomato toss, trying to avoid her brothers’ aim.

Henry and Adelle at the tomato toss.

George threatening to throw at the camera (he didn’t).

Cassie hit the bulls-eye.

Harvest Party Pics

FINALLY some pictures for y’all. I was having too much fun chatting and throwing tomatoes that I didn’t take as many as I’d have liked to. But this is better than nothing, right?

Coda got us in the mood for a grand party. He’s ready. All of the ladies at this table came early to help us harvest potatoes. What rock stars, right?
Dylan shows his approval of the potluck selection. With a great turn out comes an awesome dinner. Heidi, Emily, Dan, and Noah fill up.
Steffan (Western MT Growers Co-op) and Molly (Clark Fork Organics) hanging out by the remains of cider-pressed apples. Rebecca and Bryce (Native Ideals Seed Company) came with home-made ice cream that killed. The pies never tasted better.