County Rail Bling!

Now you can show your County Rail pride and support our SNAP program in one go! Thanks to the awesome folks at Zoo City Apparel, we have a selection of great t-shirts for sale.

$14 for Farm Share members, $16 for everyone else. 100% of the profit helps lower the cost of our SNAP Shares. All colors come in a variety of sizes, and the blue and purple shirts come in unisex as well as ladies wide neck styles.

Steve (silver cotton), Evan (asphalt cotton), Robin (purple 50/50 ladies), Margaret (blue 50/50 ladies, Tracy (gold 50/50 unisex).

Thanks Steve, Robin, and Evan for being in our t-shirt photoshoot!

Let us know if you’d like one of your own – we have a limited supply so don’t wait. We’ll also have them at market (starting Saturday May 5! …which is also Ke$ha the goat’s due date).