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Planting Party Pics

Thanks to all our friends and members who showed up for our annual Planting Day on Sunday! We got a ton done and we loved having all of you up to the farm. AND thanks to our volunteers on Tuesday – the asparagus is looking mighty fine.

 This year each variety is labeled in the field so we know for sure what when we’re harvesting (… the things we learn).

 Emily and Robin planting Calibra onions in wide beds that have been tilled and (mostly) weeded.

 Tate (with baby Aloura), Kisha, and Mila were rock stars planting almost all our potatoes.

 Yvonne, Nancy, and Lindsey in the onions. These ladies planted all our leeks as well!

Purrseus being helpful as usual, overseeing the planting.

 Garlic, beets, joi choi, chard, cabbage, and lots of other fun things in our early beds. A few of them ready for harvest this week – come to the first Clark Fork Market this Saturday and see them featured at our stand!

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Arugula season 2021 kicks off today! See you in 4-5 weeks little guys. Swipe for reverse process: seeding, raking big chunks of tomato and straw, pulling dandies (wow that sounds dirty... it was), and one of many cross sections of soil showing roots worms and the unseen billions of critters that make all our stuff grow and grow strong. #organic #homegrown #montana #arugulaseason
It is so exciting and encouraging to see green things growing out of the ground right now rather than just on the seedling bench. Tulips are comin, folks! @fieldfiveflowers
This morning’s snow-brows were too good to not share
Remember that live journal called Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things? It’s probably a tiktok trend or something now but that’s how I feel about seeding - esp this soaked ranunculus. Tuck em in, sing some Brittany Spears, and do a little dance in the greenhouse kinda day
Round #2 of grafted tomatoes! Someone asked for videos of grafting last time but I failed at posting them, which is probably good because I proceeded to kill them through sheer winter neglect 🤦🏻‍♀️. Let’s hope these little ones have a better survival rate (ie I don’t completely forget about them while they’re acclimating). #organic #tomatoes #greenhouseseason #montanahomegrown
Beginnings with @fieldfiveflowers as we fire up the greenhouse and remember all the back/neck muscles we forgot about this winter. And a portrait of my favorite seeding table broom, handmade from @foxfiregoods - she’s solid and a must have bench mate. Thanks, Grace - maybe we’ll actually grow some broomcorn this year !

Tracy Potter-Fins

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